KAHR P45 Grip Extension - Set of 2

KAHR P45 Grip Extension - Set of 2
KAHR P45 Grip Extension - Set of 2KAHR P45 Grip Extension - Set of 2
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Product Description

This clip extension was designed to fit P45 Kahr factory clip. We are unsure of its compatibility with other after market clips. This uniquely designed grip extension was made to replace factory magazine floor plates to add grip length and to provide more control and comfort when using your firearm. It features a side finger-groove and longer snout to better match the contour of your hand and to provide a much more stable hand base to help prevent your hand slipping off of your firearm. This allows you to shoot safely and comfortably without compromising your guns concealability. This extension does not alter the capacity of the magazine.

INSTALLATION: Carefully remove the original magazine bottom by depressing the button located on the bottom of the clip. Then slide the base forward being careful not to lose the internal components. Press the button in as you slide the extension into place. Do a function test after installation is complete.

CAUTION!!: Firearms are potentially very dangerous! Inspect the firearm closely to ensure the chamber is empty and the magazine is removed. See a competent gunsmith if you are not familiar with the proper safety or installation procedures.

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